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What is Playground.js?

Playground.js is a game oriented javascript framework that gives you access to essentials like mouse, keyboard, sound and well designed architecture. The rest is up to you. Whether you prefer to roll your own physics library or use Box2D - playground will not get in your way.

download Template project with <canvas> based renderer

download Template without any renderer.

download Standalone on GitHub

What does it do?

At the very core it provides out-of-box surface with all essential events.


  width: 640,
  height: 480,
  scale: 2,

  create: function() { },
  ready: function() { },
  resize: function() { },

  step: function(dt) { },
  render: function() { },

  keydown: function(data) { },
  keyup: function(data) { },

  mousedown: function(data) { },
  mouseup: function(data) { },
  mousemove: function(data) { },

  touchstart: function(data) { },
  touchend: function(data) { },
  touchmove: function(data) { },

  gamepaddown: function(data) { },
  gamepadup: function(data) { },
  gamepadmove: function(data) { }



new PLAYGROUND.Application(...);

What else?

Optional basics like sound, states, canvas, easing, tweening and loaders

The goal is to provide a framework that:

Target platforms:

It is especially for you if:

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