Front load vs Top load washing machine

Which one is excellent? Either it is a front load or top load, this is the most common confusion when people buy a washing machine.

Both of them are fantastic. But you must select the washing machine as per your requirements.

So, here we discuss the difference between front load and top load washing machine. It will help you to understand different aspects. And after that, you can easily decide which one is a suitable washing machine for you.

And after the difference, we recommend some of the great washing machines. So don’t forget to check that section also.

front load vs top load washing machine

Let us begin the journey.

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine


The front-loading technology is newer, modern, and advanced technology-based as compared to top-loading technology. 


Front load: As the name suggested in the front load case, you have to put your clothes from the front side.

Top load: The top load washing machine’s design is such that you have to load the clothes from the top side of the washing machine.

Water usage for washing and rinsing:

Front load: The front load machine’s water usage is less because there is a rotating drum inside the machine.

Top load: In the case of the top load washing machine, it requires lots of water. The water requirement of the top load is 3x time as compared to the front load. And also it requires running water from the pipe.

So, if you reside at a place where you have limited water, then the front load is the right choice.

Storage capacity:

The storage capacity for a front load is low as compared to the top load washing machine.

Space requirement: 

The front load machine requires higher space requirements (horizontally). And the top load machine takes less space than the front load machine.

Energy efficiency: 

The front load machine has excellent energy efficiency than the to load machine. The front load machine reduces your electricity consumption.

Washable program:

As we said, the front load machine is advanced technology-based, which is why it comes with lots of washable programs (up to 50 different washable programs). Various washable programs like Cotton wash, Wool wash, Dry wash, Quick wash, Delay wash, Bubble wash, Aqua energy wash, etc.

The top load washing machine comes with only 10 to 15 washable programs—some basic washable programs like Delay wash, Quick wash, etc.


The front load machine comes with some outstanding features like child lock safety, hot wash, spinner, etc.

The top load machine has no such features.


Obviously, front load washing machines have a higher price as compared to the top load washing machine. Because front load provides better performance, many different features, and washable programs.

Pros, & Cons.

Front load

  • Advanced washing technology
  • Outstanding features and washable programs
  • Uniformly wash clothes
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Little bit costly

Top load

  • High storage capacity
  • Consume less space
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Running water required
  • Less feature and washable programs

You can decide which one is suitable for you as per your requirements. Though I mentioned some of the excellent washing machines here. You can check this.

Front load

We recommend purchasing the front load washing machine.

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Top load

4. Whirlpool 7 kg Washing Machine – Click Here to Check on Amazon

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6. Bosch 6.5 Kg Washing Machine – Click Here to Check on Amazon

Final Words:

We discussed the difference between the top load and front load washing machine. And we highly recommend purchasing the front load washing machine.

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